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“A little perspective” the name for my site comes from this story  which was the first post I made here. Every now an then we lose the run of ourselves and forget the things that really matter … I put this site up to make sure I always have place to remind me what really matters in life … it is intended to put things in context for me by providing a little perspective 😉

So now a little bit about me –

I was born, bred and buttered on the northside of Dublin in Beaumont.

I am a natural performer, perfectly comfortable in front of a crowd. This is perhaps why music is my greatest passion. I am currently studying for grading on both classical and electric guitar. I have also been known to sing a little bit. But if I’m totally honest, listening is where I derive the most pleasure from music. My tastes are very diverse from classical through to punk rock. Most of the time I listen to British blues (Peter Green and Jimi Hendrix), guitar rock (The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones), indie (R.E.M.), a little bit of more contemporary stuff (Elbow, The Raconteurs, Nirvana, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Frames) and the odd traditional song (Cara Dillon, Planxty, The Pogues).

I also have a deep passion for Leinster rugby and can be seen regularly in the north stand at the RDS, where I am a season ticket holder. I enjoy  Gaelic Games (Up the Dubs!) and golf too.

I studied Electronic Engineering at Kevin Street College of Technology where I obtained numerous Telecommunications engineering diplomas from Dublin Institute of Technology and a degree in Telecommunications, Electronics and Computer engineering from Trinity College Dublin.

I have completed my latest educational adventure courtesy of a full time MBA at Trinity. They say that an MBA can pay off in time if you are willing to put the effort into making it work for you … it is certainly no right of passage, although there are those who believe it is. But you have to do one to fully appreciate the intensity of effort involved. The workload is incredibly overwhelming but you do find ways to manage it (albeit by being a bit creative with your classmates).

Me? … I wanted a faster payback from my MBA … and I got one … I met and married the lovely Lisa from Toronto who was in my class. She has two wonderful boys William and Benjamin. I am thankful for having them all in my life as it has really been a one of the most wonderful things to have ever happened to me. We are now settling in to build our new life together in Sandymount.

I also studied Photography and Digital Imaging at the National College or Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin.

Photography allows the artist in me to flourish. In many ways it is also something of a gadget and techie feast for me. I love the craft involved in photography, from the moment a composition is frozen by the shutter button right through to the intricacies of post processing and publishing. It is all really a form of meditation to calm my soul.

I love it here in Dublin, but the urge to travel is strong in me and I regularly pop off on adventures around the globe to “dangerous” places with unpronounceable names, little or no concept of safety and poor infrastructure. Nonetheless you could say I’m a bit of a homing pigeon. No matter how far I roam, the urge to come back to Dublin takes me here eventually. I’ve also lived in London, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Munich, Stockholm, Thailand and Ennis.

The inspiration for taking photos has its roots in an overland trip through Patagonia in South America a few years back. I can even trace it to a particular moment in time, when at a National Park in Chile the driver from my tour truck proudly showed me a photo he’d just taken … Patagonia is a wondrous place filled with inspiration and natural beauty. In my case it has sparked the love affair for the art of photography which has opened my eyes a little wider to the world around me and made me appreciate life a lot more.

If Patagonia made me take up a camera then it was places like Kenya, Namibia, Botswana and the US national parks of Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah that constantly remind me in no uncertain terms that the combination of travel and photography is one of my great loves.

My main interest areas in photography are Travel, Social Documentary, Nature and People.

You can email be here – contact [at] simonfitzpatrick.ie

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