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Dublin … after the Apocalypse

For some reason this is my most popular image in all of the photo sharing sites … Someone on pix.ie left the comment that it looked post apocalyptic … and I have to agree with them … hence the title.

In the foreground – Sandymount Beach … behind – Poolbeg Power Station … for the benefit of those that don’t already know.

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  1. Wow Simon – that’s lie to separate images stitched together in PS.

    Very striking shot. Love the “perspective”.

  2. Thanks Shane … nope its all the one shot … it was a weird day, I took the car from Howth to Dun Laoghaire … the fog was really dense in some place and totally absent in others … making the entire Dublin bay seem like a set from a horror movie …

  3. Sonja

    Good afternoon, Simon.

    I have been trawling the internet all day to find a lovely photo to print and frame for my friend who took the big leap and got married in May. I had orignally thought of giving her a photo that would remind her of Donegal her home county but it occured to me as I waded through picture after picture of sheep that she loved Dublin most of all. She moved to Wales in May shortly after the wedding. She lived in Ringsend most of her life since we left school and so the idea of Poolbeg just seemed right. I was beginning to lose hope that I would find anything right and then I came upon your photo. I don’t know if you sell your photos but I am hoping you do. Is it possible to buy a print of this fantastic photo?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Sonja, I sent you an email, just reply via the discussion thread for completeness. Yes this print and all other prints on this site are available for purchase.