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Work Hard, Brunch Harder – Lisa & Simon’s Best Dublin Breakfast Blog

“You know are you getting old when you brunch harder than you party” … these are the words on the billboard outside one of the regular haunts where we eat out for breakfast; something we do a lot!

As the slogan suggests; breakfast is a big deal for us. We do it almost every weekend and it is often the highlight our week. We love our food, we especially love to try new places and explore how the humble egg and other simple ingredients can be combined to create totally different foodie experiences.

Of course its not all about the food, offering genuine service and good value for money are equally important when eating out; little details can often be what distinguishes average from excellent.

Dublin offers an ever burgeoning array of great places to eat. This is no surprise, Ireland has amazing ingredients and newfound cultural diversity is opening us up to fresh ideas and influences. The result – the humble fry is no longer the centre of attention. Our world has opened up to whole new culinary delights. A few years ago Turkish eggs started to appear on menu’s in the city. Who’d have thought to combine poached eggs with greek yogurt and middle eastern spices and top it off with salad for breakfast? The result is a delicious and healthy start to your day.

More and more places are taking pride in their fare and like to boast the names of their suppliers; most of whom are domestic. These lovely little gems of eateries are sitting on top of a locally based sustainable supply chain transforming the most simplest of morning meals into a memorable eating experience. These little businesses support the local economy and provide an alternative to the often average at best offering of franchised corporate equivalents. We love this! We hope you do too!

We started this blog because navigating the internet to find advice on the perfect breakfast place has become a challenge. The internet is brimming with opinions, many of which are more about some personal agenda and less about offering genuine heartfelt advice and help. We hope this will be different.

Our opinions will always be our own, our agenda will be personal and our feedback will be designed to help and not to hurt. We want to share a part of our life that brings us genuine joy. We hope to highlight what makes places unique; where to go for specific experiences and what makes for great service. We hope our advice is helpful not just to locals here in Dublin, but also to potential visitors to our lovely city who are looking for something truly unique and local in a breakfast experience.

We met and married at Trinity College Dublin a few years ago. Lisa is from Toronto, Canada and Simon is a thoroughbred Dubliner. We live with our two boys near the heart of the city in Sandymount. We both have a strong spirit of adventure and have widely traveled to all corners of the globe … and we continue to do so. We love the great outdoors, the sea, the mountains, great food, good company, great restaurants and fine wine!

But enough about us … let’s get this thing started!

Lisa & Simon


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